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Typically many individuals with autism have a difficult time controlling unruly bodies and
have sensory issues that make ordinary outings and events arduous and stressful for themselves and their families.

By offering the chance to experience excursions in a controlled and friendly atmosphere
ReClif Community will help not only foster a sense of well being, but give autistics
a chance to develop skills needed to immerse themselves into everyday activities.

ReClif Community strives to offer organized group social events and outings, community gathering opportunities,
workshops, and pertinent lecture series designed to allow every participant to thrive and grow.

We hope to also offer scholarship opportunities to allow more individuals the chance to participate in ReClif, LLC and
take advantage of one-on-one exercise classes, motor control sessions, brain/body connection rehab training, and
communication lessons designed to advance the autistic individual to be the best they can be.

We strive to develop a community that accepts and connects autistics with those who see the benefits of working together
toward a common objective and to enhance the life experience of this underserved and often sequestered population. 
The impact of this community has often been overlooked due to the unique ways that autism presents itself. 

Our goal is to help expand the presence and contribution of autistics to society as a whole,
as well as aide them in achieving personal goals.