Reece's Story

Reece is the inspiration, designer and driving force behind ReClif.  As a non-speaking autistic, Reece endured almost 20 years unable to communicate his thoughts and desires. In November 2014, Reece and his family were part of the first ever communication workshop given by Elizabeth Vosseller in Atlanta where he was able to demonstrate his intellect and ability via the letter boards.  Very early in Reece’s journey toward open communication, Reece expressed a desire to help others like himself.  It has been a somewhat arduous process, but with the help of family, friends and therapists, bit by bit, Reece has been able to compose and outline his vision for a fitness-based therapy and community center, and ReClif was born.  Reece will continue to be the brainchild and architect of all aspects of ReClif and is excited to offer the opportunity to build a better community of acceptance, intelligence and understanding.