Reeves' Story

Reeves graduated in May of 2017 from Georgia State University with a degree in Psychology.  She is currently in the application process for Occupational Therapy school, and we are excited that she is working with ReClif in the interim.  Reece has known Reeves since birth (they were part of the same neighborhood playgroup, and she is a close friend of Reece's sister) which has been instrumental in creating a
strong working relationship.  Reeves is a certified Interactive Metronome and Fit Light provider and was thrilled to add a certification for Therapeutic Yoga to her resume by attending a two week course in Costa Rica in the summer of 2017. Providing IM services, Fit Light instruction, Special Fit & Yoga sessions will be Reeves' speciality at ReClif.

"My name is Reeves Turner and I have been a friend and neighbor of the Blankenship family ever since I can remember. I am a recent graduate of GSU seeking to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy.  Spending much time at the Blankenship house while growing up, I was always aware of the many therapies and activities that Reece was involved with and intrigued by the way that they persuaded him to engage and challenge himself.  During college, I had a long conversation with Mrs. Blankenship who encouraged my idea that Occupational Therapy would be a good career option for me considering my passion and skill set in that arena. At that time, I began working with Reece.  Besides assisting him with tennis lessons and swimming, I work with him to improve his typing skills, I encourage him during purposeful movement exercises, and I handle his interactive metronome lessons.  I am very excited to soon begin work on stretching and therapeutic yoga with him!  I can not wait to be fully involved at ReClif and am excited to offer what Reece and I have been working on to the ReClif clients!"