RILEY's Story

GO DAWGS!  Riley is another one of our UGA grads, graduating in May of 2017 with a degree in Communication Studies. Riley currently works full time at Katz Broadcasting, but continues to be a major part of Reece’s life.  Riley has helped support ReClif at seminars and workshops during the planning stages, and will be involved in ReClif community outings and social events.  

Moving to Georgia in 3rd grade, Riley quickly assimilated herself into the neighborhood playgroup and sports association, where she became close friends with Reece's sister, Daron. Riley is the daughter of two educators, her Mom teaches Special Education in Gwinnett County and her Dad works at the Administration level … from their very first meeting, Reece has shown a comfort level with this family - always making sure he rubs Mr. Johns bald head for good luck! Riley worked with Reece as an aide during high school and college and continues to be involved with the Blankenship family to this day.  Reece considers Riley as one of his closest friends and makes sure that she visits often.  Their hangouts typically include cookie baking, long walks and trips to Outback & Pizza Cafe.