Skyler's Story

Skyler comes to ReClif via St. Louis, Chicago, and Oklahoma, where he graduated from The University of Oklahoma in 2011 with a degree in Musical Theater. After over 10 years working in Chicago Theatre and Broadway National Tours, Skyler and his wife Betsy, who also
fills in at ReClif as a yoga instructor decided that it was time to put down some roots and that Atlanta was the place to do it!  

Skyler has always been an avid athlete and, as an actor, fell in love with cross fit in order to be able to better control his body and sharpen his focus. In September, Skyler received glowing reviews from Mike Ramirez when he traveled to the original California Special Fit location to work with Mike to obtain this certification.  

Skyler is a great resource for ReClif as he has proven himself to be
not only an intuitive Special Fit coach, but an energetic and innovative instructor of Fit Light.

 "I’m an Oklahoma City native. Boomer Sooner! Thunder Up! My mom was an actor so my brother, sister, and I grew up hanging out in the theatre. My other love was basketball. So it was acting and basketball. After high school, I figured a six foot white guy does better in the theatre. Ive been a working actor in Chicago and on Broadway National Tours around the country and have come to Atlanta for the Film and Television scene. I was introduced to CrossFit in 2012, fell in love, because it allowed me to feel like an athlete again. I still believe the formula of CrossFit is the best way to improve fitness. 

Fitness became more personal to me when I lost my uncle unexpectedly in 2015. I then realized that I was on mission to make fitness accessible to anyone who was looking for it. Everyone deserves the longest, healthiest, fullest life they possibly can live. I felt a personal responsibility to step in to educate and awaken as many people to their potential as possible. 

I also recently founded a non profit called Live Upside Down. We want to mobilize a movement of people living upside down of what the world expects. To live for others not yourself. To give a voice to the voiceless. To step in the gap. To meet the needs of those who are unable to meet them themselves. 

Enter ReClif. This is the perfect convergence of everything I am passionate about. I felt like Reece’s dream was so infectious and I could see that God was all over the dream of ReClif. I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. 

To provide access to fitness is no small thing. This lets these individuals with autism know that they are seen, heard, valued, and worthy of dreaming. Fitness allows them to better engage in the environment around them. To be a part of a moment and share an experience. There is no greater gift than the expression of someone’s face when they accomplish something they thought they could not."