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Our friendly staff will ensure your experience at ReClif will be a memorable one.



Our friendly staff will ensure your experience at ReClif will be a memorable one.

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  Reece Blankenship,  Founder/Idea Man

Reece Blankenship, Founder/Idea Man

  Lou & Jeff Blankenship,  Owner/Operators

Lou & Jeff Blankenship, Owner/Operators

  Austin Moore,  Partner/Co-Founder Director, Spelling to Communicate-Level 1 Certified

Austin Moore, Partner/Co-Founder
Director, Spelling to Communicate-Level 1 Certified

  Reeves Turner,  Certified Interactive Metronome, Fit Light, & Therapeutic Yoga

Reeves Turner, Certified Interactive Metronome,
Fit Light, & Therapeutic Yoga

  Hannah Buskirk,  Social Events and Scheduling Coordinator

Hannah Buskirk, Social Events and Scheduling Coordinator

  Will Tyler,  Special Fit Coordinator

Will Tyler, Special Fit Coordinator

  Nolan Shaffer,  Spelling to Communicate - Certified RPM Provider, Special Fit Instructor

Nolan Shaffer, Spelling to Communicate - Certified RPM Provider, Special Fit Instructor

  Kathryn Moore,  Speech Language Pathologist

Kathryn Moore, Speech Language Pathologist

  Lexie Shaffer,  Community and Events Assistant

Lexie Shaffer, Community and Events Assistant

  Helena Tyler,  Community and Events Assistant

Helena Tyler, Community and Events Assistant

  Riley Weyher,  Community and Events Assistant

Riley Weyher, Community and Events Assistant

  Sarah Nay,  Community and Events Assistant

Sarah Nay, Community and Events Assistant

  Sunny Tran,  Creative Director

Sunny Tran, Creative Director

  Community Supporters

Community Supporters




Reece's Story

Reece is the inspiration, designer and driving force behind ReClif.  As a non-speaking autistic, Reece endured almost 20 years unable to communicate his thoughts and desires. In November 2014, Reece and his family were part of the first ever communication workshop given by Elizabeth Vosseller in Atlanta where he was able to demonstrate his intellect and ability via the letter boards.  Very early in Reece’s journey toward open communication, Reece expressed a desire to help others like himself.  It has been a somewhat arduous process, but with the help of family, friends and therapists, bit by bit, Reece has been able to compose and outline his vision for a fitness-based therapy and community center, and ReClif was born.  Reece will continue to be the brainchild and architect of all aspects of ReClif and is excited to offer the opportunity to build a better community of acceptance, intelligence and understanding.




LOu's Story

As a full-time wife and Mom of three, with a degree and license as a Registered Dental Hygienist; owner/operator of ReClif was never part of Lou’s life design.  But, as often happens, life doesn’t always go according to plan, and recently Lou has been led down a previously unimaginable path. After attending the life changing letterboard seminar and working hard to aid Reece with his new found communication skills, the Blankenship family felt inspired to help Reece fulfill his dream.  Blessed beyond belief with the people who have entered their lives through neighborhood connections, friendships, and years and years of in-home therapy for Reece, the Blankenship’s have been able to put together the ReClif dream team to get this endeavor off the ground.  Besides our amazing employees, there have been many who have assisted in this mission behind the scenes and for that we are so thankful.  While Lou may be the figurative “operator” and “voice” of ReClif, she recognizes that without Reece and the team behind her, this mission would have never taken shape.




Austin's Story

Austin is a Level-1 Certified Soma Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) Provider.  Austin has been working with special needs families since 2001, and specializing in RPM since 2015. Owner of Moore Opportunities, LLC, Austin woks on communication skills with non-speaking and non-reliable speaking autistics through letter boards, typing and purposeful movements. Austin has been instrumental assisting with the implementation of Reece’s vision and as a principle partner will bring much to ReClif with his love for not only Reece, but this whole community. During his senior year of high school in 2001, a friend of Austin's introduced him to the Blankenship family.  At the time, they were looking for additional therapists for their home based ABA program for the then 6 year old Reece. In order to support his future educational journey, I began working part time with Reece and started learning the complexities, yet joys, of the autism spectrum.  Like many families with a special needs child, the Blankenship's had tried everything under the sun to support and help Reece progress along his path in life. As a result, Austin was exposed to many different therapy modalities such as DIR Floortime, Son-Rise, Carbone, and most intensely the LoVaas ABA method.  The Blankenship family also felt the need for Reece to still be a kid, so Austin spent time outside and they played, A LOT! Austin also accompanied Reece through parts of elementary, middle and high school as he served as his personal school aid for 9 years. This opportunity introduced Austin to a plethora of other students on the spectrum. Austin's love of Reece and this community make him uniquely qualified to be in a leader position at ReClif.

"After graduating from UGA with a degree in Biology, I landed a job doing inside sales in the medical arena in 2011.  Naturally, I kept in close contact with Reece and the Blankenship who had become my second family!  Fast forward to November 2014 when Lou called to urge me to drop everything and watch Reece work with Elizabeth Vosseller at the first spelling to communicate workshop in Atlanta.  That emotional Sunday afternoon encounter as I witnessed Reece voice come out on the letter board, cemented my future career.  For 15 years I had seen bits and pieces of Reece personality peak through his wayward body, but he finally had a way to purposefully communicate!  I knew immediately that I had to learn this method to help other autistics learn to communicate, and this revelation made me realize I was not meant to be stuck in a cubicle making sales calls all day!

After learning the basics of becoming a letter board coach, I started working with other families around metro Atlanta as an independent contractor; shoutout to all clients of Moore Opportunities!  I completed the Soma-RPM Level 1 training in January of 2016 and have started networking with other professionals sharing my story.  Most importantly, how spelling to communicate has changed so many lives.  Since Reece has been able to communicate, he has been an all-star advocate for the methodology and has stated that he wants to be an entrepreneur by opening a community center.  There was no way I was going to let him do this without me - side by side like we have been working together for so many years!"




Reeves' Story

Reeves graduated in May of 2017 from Georgia State University with a degree in Psychology.  She is currently in the application process for Occupational Therapy school, and we are excited that she is working with ReClif in the interim.  Reece has known Reeves since birth (they were part of the same neighborhood playgroup, and she is a close friend of Reece's sister) which has been instrumental in creating a
strong working relationship.  Reeves is a certified Interactive Metronome and Fit Light provider and was thrilled to add a certification for Therapeutic Yoga to her resume by attending a two week course in Costa Rica in the summer of 2017. Providing IM services, Fit Light instruction, Special Fit & Yoga sessions will be Reeves' speciality at ReClif.

"My name is Reeves Turner and I have been a friend and neighbor of the Blankenship family ever since I can remember. I am a recent graduate of GSU seeking to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy.  Spending much time at the Blankenship house while growing up, I was always aware of the many therapies and activities that Reece was involved with and intrigued by the way that they persuaded him to engage and challenge himself.  During college, I had a long conversation with Mrs. Blankenship who encouraged my idea that Occupational Therapy would be a good career option for me considering my passion and skill set in that arena. At that time, I began working with Reece.  Besides assisting him with tennis lessons and swimming, I work with him to improve his typing skills, I encourage him during purposeful movement exercises, and I handle his interactive metronome lessons.  I am very excited to soon begin work on stretching and therapeutic yoga with him!  I can not wait to be fully involved at ReClif and am excited to offer what Reece and I have been working on to the ReClif clients!"




Hannah's Story

Hannah will be graduating this January with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Learning and Development with an emphasis in Counseling and Behavioral Learning Disabilities.  After working PT for 5 years as a KidzMission coordinator for New Hope church, then for 6 months as a Children's Activity Hostess in Disney World Hannah's personality and organizational skills are exactly what ReClif needs as our social events and scheduling coordinator! While not yet a “certified” provider, Hannah has been instrumental in Reece's journey to letter board communication, and is an effective coach with beginning choices, stencil board work and Interactive Metronome. She will also be working closely with Lou to organize, implement and schedule all the educational and social opportunities for ReClif.

"In 2009 I had the opportunity to observe the self contained special education classroom at Parkview High School and quickly fell in love with the students. I spent much of my free time during high school volunteering in both this classroom and at Special Olympic events.  It was during this time that I met Reece and got to know his family. After high school I began working part time with Reece as a school aide and home therapist while attending college. During the summer of 2014, Lou was excited to introduce us to using choices and stencil boards, and that fall we all attended a communication workshop and were blown away by the advances that Reece made that weekend!  Since then, I have been practicing the use of Spelling to Communicate and have walked with Reece on his journey from non-communication to fully able to engage through typing.  It has been such a lesson for us all and I am so excited to be a part of ReClif!  During the summer and fall of 2017 I will be participating in an internship at Walt Disney World in the Children's Activities department, and as excited as I am for that opportunity, I will be anxious to get back to fully participate in ReClif in January 2018.  I am looking forward to all I have learned through these experiences to help change the conversation surrounding autism!"




Will's Story

 As a 2017 graduate of Kennesaw State with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Will is the lead director for the Special Fit aspect of ReClif. He is another one who came early into Reece life and a special friendship has since evolved into a strong fitness partnership. Will has worked part-time at Mount Carmel Church and School since 2014 where he served as the athletics director and PE coach for the school, and as the youth director for 6th - 12th graders for the church. In the spring of 2017 Will, Lou, Hannah and Austin attended the Special Fit workshop in Atlanta.  Shortly after that, Will spent his spring break in California where Mike Ramirez, the creator of Special Fit, hosted him and took him through the basic training for this unique fitness modality.  Along with all of this, as a Certified, ACE group fitness instructor, Will is a great fit for directing the gym area of ReClif.

"I first came to know Reece in preschool.  Reece and I were best buds and were inseparable even though he had a hard time communicating and I had to almost drag him from activity to activity.  He is actually the only classmate that I can remember from that time!  After that one year, we ended up in separate schools and our paths wouldn’t cross until much later. Growing up, I always had a passion for sports and fitness.  In high school I started to train a few of my peers and fell in love with the notion of individualized fitness.  My senior year of high school I trained a group of 40 friends after school every day for 2 months. It was at this time that I decided to pursue a career in fitness. During this same time period, a friend of mine who knew that I coached Special Olympics, asked if I would be interested in working for a family in our area that had an autistic son our age.  I was anxious at first, but once I realized that it was Reece I jumped at the chance! Reece and I worked together for the rest of high school and then off and on through college.  Our relationship has grown so much in the past 6 years and I am looking forward to continuing this endeavor with him.  Throughout the years I have worked in many fitness facilities, taught physical education, coached both regular education and special olympics youth sports teams and I currently work part time as a director of youth with Mt. Carmel Christian Church.  I look forward to meeting all the ReClif clients and assisting you all on your journey toward fitness!"




Nolan's Story

Nolan comes to ReClif via Southern California where he graduated
from Vanguard University in May of 2017 with a degree in Ministry
and Leadership.  In 2015, Nolan began working with an autistic young man and was trained in letter board communication.  This past July, he expanded on that training and experience when he received RPM training with Soma (the developer of RPM) in Texas.  Nolan has been working closely with with Austin Moore and will be a great resource
for our Spelling to Communicate, Fit Light and Special Fit clients.
His experience working with autistics combined with his love of
the outdoors will be very helpful during ReClif community outings
and events.  

"I graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and Leadership in May of 2017. While I was completing my program, I began working with non-verbal autistic individuals providing care-taking and Rapid Prompting Method form of communication. I have been doing so for the past 2+years. Being an active individual that practices holistic health in my daily life I have developed a passion for positive benefits every individual can receive from holistic living and I desire to lead others in these practices. My wife and I backpack as often as we can, as well as hike, fish, run, paddle-surf, and cycle. Over the course of my exposure to individuals who are both autistic and non-verbal, I have realized that my passion is to help individuals with developmental disabilities find their purpose and their voice in the world. The depth of relationship with the individuals whom I have had the honor to work with on the letter board has fueled my desire to assist and help them communicate their thoughts, dreams, and words of wisdom to the world through the education developed from the Rapid Prompting Method. I have received training under Soma in Dallas Texas in July 2017. My wife and I met Reece and the Blankenship family when we moved to Georgia and instantly felt connected to Reece’s vision and mission for Reclif. My wife and I decided to come on board with Reclif in October of 2017."




Lexie's Story

Lexie also comes to us via California, as a 2016 graduate of Vanguard University. Lexie has a degree in Pastoral Leadership with a minor in Women’s Studies and has previously worked in the non-profit arena with United Cerebral Palsy.  Lexie will provide advice and experience as ReClif plans to become a hybrid for profit/non-profit company once we get firmly established.  Working closely with Reeves, Lexie will be assisting with yoga and also plans to obtain her Interactive Metronome certification in December. We expect that Lexie and her husband Nolan will contribute a lot of fun as they experience for the first time what Georgia has to offer during our ReClif outings!

"I graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Leadership and a minor in Women’s Studies. Prior to moving to Georgia from California, I worked for a company named UCP (United Cerebral Palsy). I provided care to many individuals with varying developmental disabilities. I worked with all different age groups, and many different types of disabilities. Most recently I worked privately with a family providing a healthy nutritional plan for a young man with severe autism. My husband and I moved to Georgia in the summer of 2017 and promptly came in contact with Reece and the Blankenship family. Both my husband and I fell in love with Reece’s heart and vision for Reclif. We felt as if it was going to be something very special to be a part of. I am very excited to be a part of the Reclif team."



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Kathryn's Story

Kathryn graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009 with a Bachelor of Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders degree.  She went onto Valdosta State University to obtain her Masters of Education in Communication Disorders in 2011.  Kathryn began her career in Speech-Language Pathology working in a sub-acute rehabilitation and nursing facility.  Here she gained experience working with adults with various conditions including stroke, TBI, dementia, and neurological disorders.  After three years, Kathryn transitioned to school-based pediatric therapy and has since worked in the Forsyth County and Fulton County school systems.  Her duties include evaluating and treating children with receptive/expressive language disorders, pragmatic/communication language disorders, fluency disorders, and articulation/phonological disorders.  Kathryn holds a Certification of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

"I first met my husband, Austin, in 2007 when we were both students at the University of Georgia.  At that time, he was working his way through college earning money as an aide for a young student who was a non-speaking autistic.  As a Communication Science Disorder major, I was intrigued to hear Austins stories about this endeavor.  It was evident that the friendship that Austin shared with this young man, Reece, was something unique.  Watching their enduring relationship grow even more after Reece’s communication breakthrough has been special to watch.  I am thrilled to be able to be included in ReClif and to offer my services to this amazing population."




Sarah's Story

As a 2017, graduate from Georgia Tech with a degree in Psychology, Sarah is well suited to be a community outing and social event aide at ReClif. Sarah has been assisting with marketing, informational workshops, and community outing events organization."

"My name is Sarah Nay and I have been lucky enough to know Reece my whole life. We grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same preschool - fun fact: I have a picture of Reece, Will Tyler and I when we were all in the same 3 year old preschool class!!  I started working with Reece about 7 years ago during high school and continued throughout my college career at Georgia Tech. I have loved the opportunity to work with such a passionate, smart individual and I'm so excited to see what's next for ReClif!"




Sunny's Story

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Sunny is an eclectic mix of photographer, videographer, designer, and advertising creative. He graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with a B.A in Advertising, and is currently studying to become an Art Director at the Creative Circus Advertising Portfolio School.

"After meeting Daron, Reece's sister, in middle school, I was introduced to the Blankenship family and am lucky to have known them for so long. Through years of playing tennis for Parkview High School and finding my way into family Thanksgivings and various celebrations, I quickly assimilated myself into the family as an honorary Blankenship! Currently, I'm studying to become an advertising art director and handle the creative elements behind ReClif. I believe Reece's vision will truly change the conversation surrounding autism and am grateful to be a part of the community that he has built."




Helena's Story

Helena graduated in 2016 with a Biology degree from the University of North Georgia.  As a college level student/athlete in basketball, Helena is a great asset and plans on assisting Will with Special Fit in the gym area.  Helena is also an auxiliary support with other aspects of ReClif, helping with seminars & workshops, marketing and supporting ReClif as a community outing and social events aide.

My name is Helena Tyler.  I’ve known the Blankenship family since I was in 4th grade when I started playing basketball with Reece’s sister, Daron.  It wasn’t until high school that I was officially introduced to Reece when attending work one day with my then future husband, Will Tyler who was one of Reece’s home therapy aides.  After completing my degree at the UNG, I was approached by Mrs. Blankenship who was looking for additional therapists for Reece.  I agreed to take the job after hearing about Reece's story and the advances he had recently made in communication.  Reece has forever made an impact on my life.  I am hoping to pursue a career in pediatric neurodevelopment with an emphasis on autism, and am currently studying for the MCATS and preparing my applications for medical school.  I am passionate about being an advocate for autism and want to dedicate my career to doing so through medicine.  I look forward to the destiny of ReClif and I am more than honored to help support Reece’s mission any way that I can!




RILEY's Story

GO DAWGS!  Riley is another one of our UGA grads, graduating in May of 2017 with a degree in Communication Studies. Riley currently works full time at Katz Broadcasting, but continues to be a major part of Reece’s life.  Riley has helped support ReClif at seminars and workshops during the planning stages, and will be involved in ReClif community outings and social events.  

Moving to Georgia in 3rd grade, Riley quickly assimilated herself into the neighborhood playgroup and sports association, where she became close friends with Reece's sister, Daron. Riley is the daughter of two educators, her Mom teaches Special Education in Gwinnett County and her Dad works at the Administration level … from their very first meeting, Reece has shown a comfort level with this family - always making sure he rubs Mr. Johns bald head for good luck! Riley worked with Reece as an aide during high school and college and continues to be involved with the Blankenship family to this day.  Reece considers Riley as one of his closest friends and makes sure that she visits often.  Their hangouts typically include cookie baking, long walks and trips to Outback & Pizza Cafe.