Will's Story

 As a 2017 graduate of Kennesaw State with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Will is the lead director for the Special Fit aspect of ReClif. He is another one who came early into Reece life and a special friendship has since evolved into a strong fitness partnership. Will has worked part-time at Mount Carmel Church and School since 2014 where he served as the athletics director and PE coach for the school, and as the youth director for 6th - 12th graders for the church. In the spring of 2017 Will, Lou, Hannah and Austin attended the Special Fit workshop in Atlanta.  Shortly after that, Will spent his spring break in California where Mike Ramirez, the creator of Special Fit, hosted him and took him through the basic training for this unique fitness modality.  Along with all of this, as a Certified, ACE group fitness instructor, Will is a great fit for directing the gym area of ReClif.

"I first came to know Reece in preschool.  Reece and I were best buds and were inseparable even though he had a hard time communicating and I had to almost drag him from activity to activity.  He is actually the only classmate that I can remember from that time!  After that one year, we ended up in separate schools and our paths wouldn’t cross until much later. Growing up, I always had a passion for sports and fitness.  In high school I started to train a few of my peers and fell in love with the notion of individualized fitness.  My senior year of high school I trained a group of 40 friends after school every day for 2 months. It was at this time that I decided to pursue a career in fitness. During this same time period, a friend of mine who knew that I coached Special Olympics, asked if I would be interested in working for a family in our area that had an autistic son our age.  I was anxious at first, but once I realized that it was Reece I jumped at the chance! Reece and I worked together for the rest of high school and then off and on through college.  Our relationship has grown so much in the past 6 years and I am looking forward to continuing this endeavor with him.  Throughout the years I have worked in many fitness facilities, taught physical education, coached both regular education and special olympics youth sports teams and I currently work part time as a director of youth with Mt. Carmel Christian Church.  I look forward to meeting all the ReClif clients and assisting you all on your journey toward fitness!"